Xbox Series X price leaked- you should start saving up now

Xbox Series X price leaked- you should start saving up now

Ever since the Xbox Series X and the PS5 were showcased earlier this summer, people have been waiting for the key figure- the price of these consoles.

Now, it seems that the price for the Xbox Series X has been leaked and guess what folks, you'd better start saving up now. Xbox heralds the new machine as the most powerful ever, and it will seemingly come with a price to match.

Xbox Series X leaked price is around what was expected, but still a shocker

A retail source allegedly told Alanah Pearce of the Kinda Funny XCast that the Xbox Series X will be priced at $599 in the US. While fans had speculated the price to be high, it still does come as a shock. However, since this is only a leak, there is a chance that it could be wrong.

Earlier, we had based our expectations on the tech inside the next-gen console and the market generally. The Xbox Series X has some seriously powerful specifications. After all, it is almost like a mini ITX gaming PC, essentially.

The high price of the Series X console means that we might see the Series S console come to the market at a much more reasonable price. The Series S was also leaked to some extent last week, along with its controller, which is more or less the same as the Xbox One X controller.

Either way, according to some industry insiders, the new Xbox flagship is likely to be pricier than the PlayStation 5, which would put it at a disadvantage from day one. Sony is all about keeping things accessible, which just might tilt the buyer's decision.

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