TwitchCon goes virtual with GlitchCon 2020 starting November 14

TwitchCon goes virtual with GlitchCon 2020 starting November 14

COVID19 has been ruthless and it has forced everyone to retreat into a bubble. All the conventions, parties, and gatherings that people look forward to every year are being cancelled. One such convention is the TwitchCon where everyone comes together to meet streamers, hang out with them, play games, grab new merchandise and discuss all the happenings in the Twitch community.

Meet and greet is not possible in 2020 and so to not disappoint the fans, Twitch has given them something to cheer about. This year, Twitch has invited us to step into another dimension through an interdimensional portal to a new realm of GlitchCon. Yes, TwitchCon has gone virtual and it will be called GlitchCon which will be held on November 14.

'Virtual Interaction' is the new black?

We don't exactly know what the GlitchCon event will feature or what Twitch has in mind but we can expect to see facets similar to that of BlizzConline. Similar to TwitchCon, Blizzard Entertainments flagship convention- BlizzCon was also cancelled for 2020. But for the sake of gaming and the fans, they too moved the BlizzCon event online which will be held in February of next year.

You can expect cosplay events, competitions, and maybe QnA with some of the most popular streamers of the platform like xQc, Pokimane, Jericho etc. Twitch is one of the most, if not the most popular streaming platforms along with YouTube and Facebook gaming. One thing can be said for sure, is that we can expect some quality content from GlitchCon.

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