Twitch streamer Summit1g calls out Valorant for ‘ridiculous’ aiming mechanics

Twitch streamer Summit1g calls out Valorant for ‘ridiculous’ aiming mechanics

Popular Twitch streamer and ex-Counter Strike professional player, Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar has been playing Valorant for quite a while now. In a recent stream, he called out the developers of Riot Games and made a few compelling points.

In itself, Valorant has been making quite a few headlines. In fact, many are touting it to be one of the biggest competition to Counter Strike ever. Will Valorant be able to dethrone the king? Well, that remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain- twitch streamers are calling out the game for it’s shooting mechanics.

On the matter, Summit1g stated that the aiming and shooting feels ‘ridiculous’ and ‘hogwash’. To back his statement, he went on to explain how the RNG does not kick in when a player is moving. In Counter Strike, one of the most skill based things is to control weapon spray while on the move.

In Valorant however, he states that the game is forgiving and allows for loads of unpredictability. Even counter-strafing isn’t a way to combat this. He also said that the game doesn’t punish players for ‘running and gunning’, which is more of a Call of Duty trait that doesn’t fit in a game like Valorant.

Essentially the accuracy doesn’t take a hit even if a player is moving or strafing, which is quite the opposite from something as skill based as in Counter Strike.

Another twitch streamer who called out the shooting mechanics is Moist Cr1tikal. He stated that unlike in Counter Strike, weapons do not have a consistent shooting pattern. In CS, this is something that could be learnt and perfected through hours and hours of gameplay.

In Valorant however, the RNG of the spray kicks in after a few bullets, because of which controlling the weapon accurately takes a major hit. While this is not an issue as serious as the movement accuracy, it is something that should be looked into.

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