Team Vitality might announce an Indian roster for competitive esports in 2021

Team Vitality might announce an Indian roster for competitive esports in 2021

French Esports organization Team Vitality set foot in the Indian esports scene in October last year. Since then, everyone has been anticipating whether the organization will build an Indian roster and if yes, then for which esports title?

Team Vitality already has teams in competitive esports titles like Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends, and CS:GO. So far, they have not announced any roster with Indian players but in December, they revealed their official guild of Content Creators.

Team Vitality's expansion in India

From what we read in a report by Esports Insider, Florent ‘ElChikito’ Gutierrez, Vitality’s Chief Marketing Officer has said that building a professional team is still the brands priority.

He says, “The current climate in India is actually interesting: as it reminds everyone that videogames are products and that some interests can be broader than the ones that we may have. We are still committed to entering India, we will continue our groundwork to launch a team in the best conditions ever, and our target is still to do that in 2021!”

Team Vitality is taking their time to explore the dynamics of the Indian market and eventually, will come up with professional team, most likely for Valorant as the competitive scene for Valorant is on whole different level compared to other games.

Several foreign organizations are expanding into India. Noble Esports entered the Indian Valorant scene with a new roster in September but that the team parted ways with the organization in November. Noble Esports then appointed Anshuman Das as operations head for India they recently announced their Free Fire roster.

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