Team Tamilas wins TEC Valorant Challenger Series III

Team Tamilas wins TEC Valorant Challenger Series III

Team Tamilas have bagged the TEC Challenger Series III Valorant tournament after getting knocked down by Far Esports to the lower brackets— then climbing their way back up to the upper brackets— and finally clean sweeping Far Esports in an effortless 3-1 best of 5 showdowns during the Grand Finals.

The lineup of Team Tamilas includes players like Rafaaaa, Flexx, Jinnn, Stoner, and Zoid, who have bagged an inaugural victory for Team Tamilas as they could only manage to either emerge Top 4 or Top 5 in the previous TEC Challenger Series.

Far Esports' performance was also quite impressive and fans are expecting more from the team in the future.

It was predicted by many that Global Esports will conquer this series due to the absence of heavy-hitters like Velocity Gaming and Noble Esports. But GE's performance was below par which gave the spotlight to other teams.

Grand Final Summary

  • The Grand Finals kicked off on Bind where Team Tamilas were about to lose but still managed to secure a 13-11 victory, with Stoner top fragging, in control of agent Cypher.

  • However in the second map, Far Esports destroyed Team Tamilas as KnightRider was just incredible with the operator, and he used Jett to perfection on the map.

  • Team Tamilas finally gained their rhythm in the last two matches on Split and Ascent and went to win both quite comfortably.

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