Rockstar Games buys developers behind Crackdown series

Rockstar Games buys developers behind Crackdown series

Rockstar Games, publishers of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption II has purchased Ruffian Games, the developers behind Crackdown 2. Ruffian Games also helped develop Crackdown 3, which came out as a Microsoft Studios exclusive earlier in 2019.

Interestingly, Rockstar is rebranding Ruffian Games as 'Rockstar Dundee'. In a report by VG24/7, Ruffian Games, or Rockstar Dundee is working with Rockstar Games on 'unspecified upcoming titles'.

Rockstar Dundee will help Rockstar create amazing next generation games

In the past, the two game development companies- Rockstar and Ruffian Games have worked with one another. Ruffian worked on Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt along with Rockstar, which in itself is a pretty big feat.

Other notable project by Ruffian games include the multiplayer aspect of Crackdown 3, and they lent a helping hand to 343 studios on Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Interestingly, we don't know anything about the projects that Rockstar Dundee will be working on. While the Twitter page has been updated and they are looking for game developers, all we know is that they are working on 'unspecified unknown titles'.

It is quite likely that one of these titles is GTA VI, however, this is pure speculation.

The newly formed Rockstar Dundee is a great addition to Rockstar's fleet of studios. This is a step towards the future of gaming from Rockstar and we can't wait to see what new innovations these to developers bring to our gaming systems.

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