Riot Games states that the Ranked Mode in Valorant won’t go live immediately

Riot Games states that the Ranked Mode in Valorant won’t go live immediately

Of late, one of the biggest and upcoming games happens to be Valorant, which is Riot Games’ all new first person shooter title. Even though the game is still in closed beta, the developers are actively listening to the community and giving players what they want.

One thing that players have been asking for is a ranked mode. This helps gauge the skill levels of different players and how they should be matched against one another. While Riot Games announced the rank tiers and plans for a ranked mode, it won’t come out just yet.

No ranked mode as of yet

In the last update of the game, which came out just a few days ago, the developers gave an in depth explanation of all the ranks and different tiers in the game. Upon the release of the update, the developers stated that ‘an unforeseen service issue‘ will lead to the delay of a playable ranked mode in the game.

It seems that the company is still having some issues with server stability. For ranked games, it is crucial that all servers work as intended in order to give users the best possible experience.

Additionally, the new update also led to some instability in the game. Players were unable to join matchmaking, which led to game crashes and a few other issues. This was reported by players across regions and servers.

At any rate, it seems like Riot Games is looking to fix these problems as soon as they can. In the near future, we will have a ranked mode to look forward to and that should certainly lend an air of competitiveness to the gameplay.

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