Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Neon Dawn: What's new?

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Neon Dawn: What's new?

Rainbow Six Siege is a singleplayer and multiplayer game which was initially released in December 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and it will also be launched on Sony and Microsoft's next generation consoles as well. A lot is happening in the Rainbow Six Siege World. Recently, Microsft added Rainbow Six Siege to Xbox Game Pass, and last week, the limited-time Halloween Event went live which ends tomorrow, November 10.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's fifth-year update- Operation Neon Dawn was revealed yesterday, November 8, at the EU Major. Ahead of it's official launch next month on December 3, Ubisoft has highlighted what's new in this Operation Neon Dawn.

Operation features new cosmetics, map update and more

From Operation Neon Dawn trailer, we learned about the new operator 'Defender-Aruni' who was a detective with the Royal Thai Police. We know Aruni's country of origin and her special gadget called Surya Gate that deploys laser gates on walls, hatches, doors, and windows acting as an obstacle for attackers. She is also equipped with the 10 RONI or a MK 14 EBR as her primary weapon, while her secondary firearm is a PRB 92.

Apart from an ex-detective, the update also features a wholly reworked Skyscraper Map with some changes like relocation of balconies and rebalancing and repositioning of other map elements.

The update also brings forth new accessibility features, including “voice to text” and “text to voice” options for in-game chat. Players can also use this feature for chat assistance for Narration and Hints, and to adjust audio/ visual cues and font scaling.

A new cosmetics bundle will also be launched alongside Operation Neon Dawn. The cosmetics bundle will be called the Sixth Guardian Program with the first bundle being for operator Doc. The proceeds collected from each bundle will be donated to an undisclosed charity.

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