Operation Steel Wave of Rainbow Six Siege goes live on main servers today

Operation Steel Wave of Rainbow Six Siege goes live on main servers today

Last month, Ubisoft gave us an insight into thier all new operation for Rainbow Six Siege. Like every operation before, this one comes with two new operators, a slew of weapon skins and charms, and slightly tweaked and updated gameplay.

Now, Operation Steel Wave is finally out on the main servers, so you guys can go ahead and enjoy it. Here's what you folks need to look out for.

Two new operators will shake things up

The new season brings us two new operators who are called Ace and Melusi. The attacker Ace hails from Norway and has trained to be a paramedic. His gadget is the third major hard breacher that has been introduced in Rainbow Six Siege.

On the defending side, we have Melusi, who is extremely efficient as a self fragger and a roamer. If you like quick plays and fast paced action, choosing her would be a good pick. Her gadget allows her to set traps and incapacitate enemies as fast as they can react.

Both these new characters will add an all new dynamism to the game. Now that the main servers are live with the new operators, go ahead and try them out.

This is the last season with two operators

Earlier, Ubisoft had announced that they would begin releasing only one operator with each new season. Till now, each new season of the game brings two new operators- one defender and an attacker.

Operation Steel Wave is the last season to launch with two playable operators.

Apart from these changes, there are some much needed operator balancing changes as well. So, what are you waiting for! Go ahead and jump into a game.

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