Minecraft Live 2020 new updates includes much-awaited Caves and Cliffs

Minecraft Live 2020 new updates includes much-awaited Caves and Cliffs

The event was live-streamed on October 3, 2020

Minecraft is a highly popular multiplayer sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game boasts more than 125 million players and their event Minecraft Live is one of the most anticipated events for the Minecraft community.

The event brings exciting news about the game like new features, DLC's etc. The Minecraft Live was aired on 3rd October and it brought some great news for the community. One of the biggest announcements included a new update which is called Caves and Cliffs update.

Here are some of the biggest announcements from Minecraft Live 2020

Since the game became publically available in 2009, it has consistently impressed gamers. They were attracted by the game as it gave them a chance to explore their creativity and use the freedom that was offered to them to a full extent.

Minecraft Live 2020 brought forth some exciting news for the community.

Caves and Cliffs

Caves and Cliffs update was perhaps the biggest takeaway from the Minecraft Live event. It is one of Minecraft's largest updates and it introduces us to a variety of new in-game elements. Given the size of this update, it will be releasing in mid-2021.

New Mob

Mojang asked the Minecraft community about who the next Mob in the game should be. They were asked to vote between Icelogger, Glow Squid and the Moobloom. The winner was announced at the event on October 3rd. Glow Squid is the new Mob added to the game.

Minecraft Dungeons get Cross-play

One of the most requested features has been finally added. Minecraft Dungeons- the 3D dungeon crawler will have the Cross-play feature added to them game by the end of this year as a free update.

Howling Peaks DLC

The Howling Peaks DLC will be quite similar to the previous DLCs such as Creeping Winter and Jungle Awakens in terms of the amount of content. This paid expansion for Minecraft Dungeons will feature a climb to the top where dangerous Mobs, new boss and new gear await the player.

Here is the entire live stream of the event!

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