Logitech G's new training tool "PLAYMASTER" for CS:GO will help you hone your skills

Logitech G's new training tool "PLAYMASTER" for CS:GO will help you hone your skills

How often does it happen that you join a competitive game of CS:GO and you end up making silly mistakes that cost you the match. Over-peek an angle, whiff the easiest shots and just puncture the walls with your bullets because you have no spray control whatsoever.

Looking to improve your game? Well, Logitech G's new software "PLAYMASTER" will help you improve your skills and avoid embarrassing yourself the next time you join a server.

AI to help you get good

This software, with the help of an AI driven training tool will help you improve your gameplay. Initially, the players are required take a 30 minute skill test to establish a chart which will be used for reference to track their progress as they spend more time on the software.

The software generates a training routine that offers a number of diverse challenges with various levels of difficulty to help players improve in areas they lack. Being research backed, you get in-depth analysis and reviews about where you stand on the skill ladder.

Overall improvement

You will learn not only to accurately track your opponent's movements but the software will also help you get better at spray control, peeking angles and quickly flicking to where you see your opponent.

All in all, what you get with Logitech's new software is your own personalized game coach, who will take you to the ranks of Legendary Eagle.

PLAYMASTER is available as a free beta only for CS:GO and you can sign-up here.

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