In an effort to push esports in India, Nova Esports is stepping in by partnering with Godlike

In an effort to push esports in India, Nova Esports is stepping in by partnering with Godlike

Over the past few years, Mobile Gaming in India is booming like never before. People have realized the true potential of online gaming and how valuable of an entertainment as well as content creation tool it can be.

Nova Esports have now paired up with Godlike, which is a top tier Indian PUBG Mobile team. This is a move that will certainly push the boundaries of esports in India and make it more accessible to the rest of the players.

What you need to know about the partnership

One of the biggest PUBG Mobile teams in India is Godlike, which is headed by one of India’s biggest creators, Kronten.

The team’s potential hasn’t gone unnoticed and Hong Kong based Nova Esports is now stepping into the Indian market by partnering up with Godlike. The partnership has been facilitated by Trinity Gaming, which manages Godlike.

Not only is the goal to push the envelope when it comes to something like esports and a future in that field, but also for content creation and entertainment for fans.

Abhishek Agarwal, CEO of Trinity Gaming said, “PUBG Mobile is quite popular in the region. Such partnerships will provide a platform for our Indian players to shine on global stage." His future forward vision will certainly help bring esports to the mainstream in India, while providing budding stars with a new platform to showcase their skill.

Which players are joining the roster?

As part of the partnership, Nova Esports will be looking after the players’ salary, boot camp support and provide the team with international exposure. The roster for the team (NOVA X GODLIKE) is mentioned below.

Hastar (Gopal Gajanand Sarda), Xz1st (Chisin Raingaim), Smxkie (Shekhar Patil), Vampire (Eleen Raj), Rayed (Syed Rayed Shah), Kronten (Chetan Sanjay Chandgude).

See if you can spot your favourite players in the list above.

What about the future of esports?

Chetan aka Kronten, one of the biggest PUBG Mobile sensation in India added, “Clan God Like started as a family and I am happy we have reached this milestone, looking forward working with a global organization, it will give us a great exposure.”

“PUBG Mobile is currently trending in India, it has surpassed other games in terms of popularity and revenue and made a place for itself on Indian pop culture. We are looking forward to expand in India more after having the first taste of Indian Esports Culture.” stated officials from Nova Esports.

These statements simply show that the merger actually has some potential to it. The future of esports in India can shine bright if such partnerships can bring it to the mainstream.

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