In a Shocking revelation, CS:GO overtakes DOTA 2's total all-time player base

In a Shocking revelation, CS:GO overtakes DOTA 2's total all-time player base

Ever since its release, the popular First Person Shooter title from Valve, Counter Strike Global Offensive has been quite a hit. CS:GO provides casual fun for the average gamer and a sense of skill and experience based competitiveness for the pro players.

Now, following the end of Operation Shattered Web, which in itself saw an influx of players, it has been revealed that the game has overtaken DOTA 2’s record for all time concurrent players.

CSGO reaches new heights

Weeks later after Operation Shattered Web ended, CSGO reached yet another milestone as it reached over 1.3 million concurrent players, shattering the record of Dota 2 which reached an apex of about 1.29 million concurrent players in March 2016.

While one may say as a joke that this is an effect of the worldwide lockdown, steam graphs actually show this to be true. The graph below shows a steady increase in the number of active steam accounts that have cropped up following the lockdown.

What could be the reason behind this?

Since Counter Strike Global Offensive is an easy to get into game but hard to master, players have taken to playing this game more and more.

Another reason could be that people are looking to improve their pure skill, which is something that CS:GO demands. For many gamers, these skills help in adapting to other similar games, one of them being Valorant, Riot Games’ latest title.

At any rate, it seems that Valve is looking to keep the momentum up and steady. In the past week, the company has launched two new updates, which you can read about in our other articles.

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