G2 Esports confirms signing CS:GO professional Nikola 'NiKo⁠' Kovac

G2 Esports confirms signing CS:GO professional Nikola 'NiKo⁠' Kovac

G2 Esports has confirmed the signing of Bosnian CS:GO pro Nikola 'NiKo⁠' Kovac. This move marks the end of a successful three-and-a-half-year run NiKo had at FaZe Clan.

In G2 Esports, NiKo will compete alongside his cousin brother Nemanja '⁠huNter-⁠' Kovac and also have one of the best AWPers of CS:GO Kenny 'KennyS⁠' Schrub in the team. The move was recently announced on G2's official Twitter handle.

Will this turn the tides for G2?

NiKo has been nothing but impressive under the FaZe Clan banner. In the three-and-a-half years he was with FaZe, the team won 10 LAN tournaments and NiKo was the MVP in six of them.

Under FaZe Clan, NiKo was ranked second, third, and eleventh in HLTV's Top 20 player rankings from 2017-2019 respectively. The team started to struggle in 2019 and changes in line-up became necessary. In September 2019, Marcelo 'Coldzera' David joined FaZe but even that move didn't prove as fruitful as expected and since last month, there have been reports of NiKo himself moving out of FaZe Clan to join G2 Esports.

With NiKo's signing, the European organization will hope to turn the tides in their favor. The last two months have been extremely difficult for G2 Esports. They were eliminated in group stages at three consecutive events: ESL Pro League Season 12, IEM New York, and DreamHack Open Fall.

WIth NiKo in their squad, G2's lineup looks something like this:

Kenny '⁠kennyS' Schrub

Audric 'JaCkz⁠' Jug

Francois 'AmaNEk⁠' Delaunay

Nemanja '⁠nexa⁠' Isaković

Nemanja '⁠huNter-⁠' Kovač

Nikola '⁠NiKo⁠' Kovač

Damien '⁠maLeK' Marcel (coach)

With this new line-up, G2 will play their first game against Furia next week in the Group C of BLAST Premier Fall Series.

G2 Esports confirms signing CS:GO professional Nikola 'NiKo⁠' Kovac
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