Esports sees growth amounting to two years in just two months owing to Coronavirus lockdown

Esports sees growth amounting to two years in just two months owing to Coronavirus lockdown

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, people have been staying inside more and more. When people stay inside, they look for entertainment, and what better form of entertainment is there than video games.

In the past two months, the esports industry has shown growth that would normally take almost two years. This is largely in part due to major sport events turning into sim sports. The motorsport community especially has helped propel esports growth over the past two months.

A phenomenal growth across all sports

Other sports such as football, golf and tennis have also shown a similar shift. Leeston Bryant, McLaren senior marketing manager covering Esports, estimates the industry itself has experienced dramatic market growth by taking the opportunity to fill the void of motorsport action during the COVID-19 postponements.

“I have been working in Esports for two years and while it has been growing that whole time, we have seen two years’ worth of growth in two months,” he added to his statement.

F1 has duly ramped up its own Esports efforts, launching the Virtual Grand Prix series which features current F1 drivers competing against former racers, celebrities and sports stars from other disciplines, and has enjoyed similar expansion and fan engagement.

For fans, this is an all new form of entertainment. They can watch their favourite athletes battle it out for the top prize from the comfort of their homes in an engaging manner.

“We are seeing a much higher growth rate in sim racing against the rest of the industry so I think the potential is there,” Julian Tan, head of F1’s Esports initiatives said during an esports webinar.

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