Epic trying to get its signature game, Fortnite back on the App store

Epic trying to get its signature game, Fortnite back on the App store

Move comes after Apple suspends Epic games account from App store

Epic games calls to the court for putting their account back on App store days after it was suspended by Apple.

According to a preliminary injunction that was filed, Epic says the suspension will cause it to suffer "irreparable harm" and "the balance of harms tips sharply in Epic’s favor."

An Epic battle against "monopolist" Apple


The termination came after Epic allowed players to make in-app purchases on Fortnite for lower prices through a direct payment feature which was in violation of Apple's in-app payment guidelines.

In the preliminary statement, Epic goes to say that Apple is a "monopolist." "It controls all app distribution on iOS" and "It controls all in-app payment processing for digital content on iOS" thus prohibiting any competitive entry in the market.

In a harsh reply, Apple removed Fortnite from its playstore and terminated Epic’s Apple Developer Program accounts. Additionally, Apple also went on to cut off Epic's access to software tools that were publically available, for example, Unreal Engine.

A tragedy for millions

With over 350 million players across the globe, iOS users will not have access to the updated version of Fortnite. Apple has commented that the game will back on the App store after Epic removes the direct payment feature.

Epic is not the first one to challenge Apple's policies. Apples 30% commission on in-app purchases has irked many. As for this battle, only time will tell who the winner will be.

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