EA is looking to buy Dirt developers Codemasters studios

EA is looking to buy Dirt developers Codemasters studios

Take Two Entertainment has also given an offer to Codemasters

Codemasters Software company is currently in talks with Take Two Entertainment with regards to a buy over. The deal with Take Two Entertainment has been put on hold as of now, because another player- EA has stepped into the game and are looking to buy out Codemasters Software.

Codemasters Software are the developers behind loads of arcade and simulation racing games such as the "Dirt" series, "F1" racing game series, street racing games "Grid" and many more. In the past, EA had acquired another racing game company- Criterion games, who were behind the Burnout series of games. So, here's what you need to know about EA's potential take over of Codemasters Software.

EA is willing to outbid Take Two Games' offer of $960 million for the software studio

According to Sky News, Electronic Arts has put up a bid higher than Take-Two's £725 million, or $960 million, bid for Codemasters. The nearly $1 billion take over is nothing short of a future forward step from not only EA, but also Take Two Games. Both the big players are gunning for the studio.

As of now, we don't know that Take Two Games will respond with an offer upping EA's bid of $960 million. Take Two Games is behind the publishing of all Rockstar games such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and several other of Rockstar Games' titles. This in itself makes the studio a major monetary powerhouse.

However, EA is behind many sports game titles and several other multiplayer and online games all of which are doing pretty well. EA's market share in the gaming capitalization sphere is almost twice that of Take Two Entertainment's.

Codemasters Software themselves are doing a pretty good job of releasing and launching new racing games. There is currently no word as to how Codemasters will function under the wing of either one of these big studios.

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