Dr. Disrespect opens up about mental health months after his own Twitch ban

Dr. Disrespect opens up about mental health months after his own Twitch ban

Popular Twitch streamer Herschel Beahm popularly known as "Dr. Disrespect" recently opened up about his sudden and mysterious ban from Twitch, a streaming platform where he gained his audience.

Dr. Disrespect who was mysteriously banned from Twitch on 26th June, 2020 opens up about how the ban is affecting his mental health.

Being in the dark

Fans and the Doc himself have no idea why he was banned. Twitch refuses to state the exact reason for his ban. Doc, in his latest YouTube video, has been quoted saying, “To have that taken away from you, and to not know why, and to not know anything about it, not to be told nothing. Boom, taken, grabbed. Everything we’ve built. All the eggs in one bucket. Boom, taken away.”

Not being told the apparent reason for his ban has caused him anxiety which he says, "comes in waves" and although he has been in high pressure situations before, he is having difficult time dealing with it.

This just goes to show how mentally devastating it can be when an empire you build with sweat and blood, is taken away from you, without any reason.

What adds to the confusion is the ban came a few months after Doc signed a "life changing" contract with twitch earlier this year.

Always by his side

But with everything that's going on, his fans have not left his side. One of his in-game teammate has congratulated Doc for "turning an uncertain situation into the biggest move in video broadcasting history."

Doc who now streams on YouTube, has a live audience of thousands watching him, showing constant support and wishing that his ban from Twitch will soon be revoked.

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