CS:GO team MIBR part ways with fer, TACO, and dead amidst coach ban and poor performance
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CS:GO team MIBR part ways with fer, TACO, and dead amidst coach ban and poor performance

Following the decision, IGL FalleN steps down from the active roster

Made In Brazil or MIBR have dropped Fernando "fer" Alvarenga and Epitacio "⁠TACO⁠" de Melo from the team. Coach Ricardo "⁠dead⁠" Sinigaglia who was suspended, has also been removed from the organization.

In-game leader FalleN has expressed his disappointment at the managements decision by stepping down from the active roster. Meanwhile, Vito "⁠kNgV-⁠" Giuseppe will take over as the team captain.

A bittersweet moment for fans

MIBR is one of the most prominent organizations in esports, boasting some of the greatest players. Earlier today, MIBR announced in a tweet that they will be dropping two of their players- Fernando "fer" Alvarenga and Epitacio "⁠TACO⁠" de Melo from the team. Additionally, Coach Ricardo "⁠dead⁠" Sinigaglia has also been dropped with immediate effect.

CS:GO team MIBR part ways with fer, TACO, and dead amidst coach ban and poor performance
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This decision was not welcome by the teams In-game leader and veteran CS legend, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo. He has decided to step down from the active roster. "I'm not satisfied with the recent decision. Last weeks have been tough and challenging and that is why I'm asking to leave the active roster while I think on my next steps. This time will be necessary to find my essence and return the peace I need to decide my path, while I accomplish my contractual obligations," he mentioned in his statement.

FalleN and fer will be separated after staying together since 2014 when they were in KaBuM! e-sports. The duo was later joined by another Brazilian CS:GO legend, Marcelo "coldzera" David and Epitacio "⁠TACO⁠" de Melo. They went on to become the Brazilian core who won two back-to-back Majors- MLG Columbus Major 2016 and ESL One Cologne 2016 for Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming respectively. Although, they always had problem finding a good fifth member for their team.Things went downhill after SK Gaming's last win at ESL Pro League Season 6 - Finals. The Brazilian core did not have any notable wins after that and soon the team disbanded.

The news was somewhat expected by the fans but the suddenness came as a shock. For the fans, the underperformance and back to back loses were not easy to digest. Additionally, the suspension of Coach dead for exploiting the spectator bug just added to their disappointment. They just want to see their favorite players and team at the top of the game.

Laying low for now

In statements issued by fer and TACO, they have not commented on what their next move will be. FalleN will take this time to think about his next move.

FalleN has ended things thanking the organization and the fans. "I leave here my immense thanks to the MIBR for having believed in our team, for the opportunities and investments made. To the teammates and other players who played with us, my respect and thanks for the days of learning we had together. And, with great pride, I also thank the Brazilian fans who built this story with us. It is the love of the fans that inspires me and makes me believe that the best is yet to come."

With the firepower they have left in them, it will be interesting to see where FalleN- the "Godfather of Brazilian CS" others land up next. Fans will want to see them back in the competitive scene as soon as possible.

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