Amazon's Twitch Prime has now been rebranded as 'Prime Gaming'

Amazon's Twitch Prime has now been rebranded as 'Prime Gaming'

As of today, Amazon Prime is highlighting its offerings for gamers with the launch of a service called Prime Gaming. This is a new version of Twitch Prime, a service that Amazon launched four years ago tied to the popular game streaming platform that it acquired in 2014.

As of now, Twitch Prime is a service that allows users to gain more advantages on the Twitch website. One of the things they can do is redeem their Twitch Prime on one channel a month, thereby giving them a free one month subscription, among other things.

A rebrand of Twitch Prime could help Amazon get back into gaming

In both its old and new incarnations, Twitch Prime/Prime Gaming offers free games, game content (like weapons and skins) and a free Twitch channel subscription, all as part of a standard Prime membership.

In today’s announcement, the company said Prime Gaming includes “more new content for more games than ever before, plus more free games, and a monthly Twitch channel subscription.”

Esports expert Rod Breslau tweeted earlier today that this rebranding was in the works.

Prime Gaming currently offers in-game content for Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Online, Apex Legends, EA Sports FIFA 20, League of Legends and more than 20 other PC, console and mobile games.

It also includes a free collection of PC games every month — this month the collection of 20-plus free games features SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, Metal Slug 2 and Treachery in Beatdown City.

We’re giving customers new content that makes playing their favorite games on every platform even better. So no matter what kind of games you love, and no matter where you play them, they’ll be even better with Prime Gaming,” said Prime Gaming GM Larry Plotnick

At any rate, it will be interesting to see how Amazon goes about this new change.

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