After almost a month of silence, Shroud announces a comeback on Twitch

After almost a month of silence, Shroud announces a comeback on Twitch

Earlier this year, when the streaming site Mixer went down, Shroud and Ninja were two major streamers who were impacted by this. While Ninja has already begun streaming, Shroud has announced, after a long silence, that he will indeed be returning to Twitch.

Yesterday, Shroud posted a video on his Twitter profile highlighting the key moments of his streaming career and then announcing that he would return to the platform.

Ex-CSGO Pro and streamer Shroud makes a comeback on Twitch

Michael "Shroud" Grzsesiek, one of the biggest streamers in the business has just announced that he will be coming back to Twitch.

"I am so excited to be able to announce my return to Twitch and more importantly get back to streaming. Twitch is where I was able to first turn my passion for streaming into a successful career—and it is all due to my incredible and loyal fanbase," Shroud said in a statement.

"As I was exploring options, I realized that there was no better place than Twitch to engage with the best and most loyal gaming community worldwide. I am also excited to relaunch my channel with a new look and logo that I know my fans will love. I’m back, baby!"

Twitch confirmed the big comeback, saying that it's "thrilled to welcome Shroud and his incredible community back."

Shroud is one of those streamers with a hardcore fan following. No matter where he goes and streams, his viewers will come to support him and watch him dominate any game.

Earlier this week, even Dr Disrespect made a debut stream on YouTube, following his rather mysterious ban from Twitch. However, now that Shroud is back, Twitch viewership is expected to stay high. As for Ninja, another streamer who was exclusive to Mixer, he has made a comeback, but not committed to anything yet.

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