According to a new study, gaming doesn't make you aggressive or violent

According to a new study, gaming doesn't make you aggressive or violent

Contrary to popular belief, video games don't make you violent. This revelation, which runs contrary to all previous research about gaming linking long-term exposure to increased violence and thoughts of violence, is based on a reanalysis of data from over 21,000 young gamers on the planet.

As it turns out, shooting off people's heads in the virtual world has little to no consequences in the real world. So, here's everything that the research highlighted.

Gaming has a small impact on one's behaviour

Fronted by Aaron Drummond from Massey University in New Zealand, the research claims playing video games is not a contributing factor to one’s aggression and/or violent tendencies. To reach this conclusion, Drummond reanalysed 28 meta-analytical studies that linked violence to gaming.

His pursuit revealed that only a very small number of people exhibited aggression after gaming, and this positive correlation was too negligible to be taken as the primary signifier of game induced violence. The researchers claimed that it is such a small number, that it does not qualify to even producing a “small effect”.

The most common argument against violent gaming is that an accumulation of micro-violence is one major negative effect of gaming. Over a long-time, this may change one’s temperament, making one susceptible to aggression. However, the study showed no evidence of such accumulation, but in fact paints a totally opposite picture.

The report mentions that “long-term impacts of violent games on youth aggression are near zero”.

Most scientific scholars and groups have based their violence-linked studies to negligible relationship observed between gamers and aggression.

At any rate, it seems that more and more people are getting into gaming or all kinds. These games provide us with hours and hours of fun and content, which is something that is a must in a time like this, when everyone is at home.

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