A concert in a game? That's exactly what Travis Scott did with Fortnite!

A concert in a game? That's exactly what Travis Scott did with Fortnite!

One thing that is pretty obvious by now is that people mostly tend to look towards online games for some sort of entertainment- especially when everyone is stuck at home. While the definition of ‘entertainment’ may be different for all of us, one thing is for certain.

If there’s a Travis Scott concert, that’s got to be entertaining. You may ask- what does Travis Scott have to do with online gaming? Well, of late, quite a lot. It seems that the artiste and musical phenomenon took part in a rather unique kind of a performance.

Virtual Concert

While the concert was online, it wasn’t live streamed on YouTube or anything like that. The concert was a virtual concert that took place within the world of Fortnite Battle Royale and had a massive audience.

In the game, Scott appeared as his own animated persona, (which is a skin that players can buy with VBucks- Fortnite’s in game currency). In his virtual in game concert, Scott performed a few of his famous songs, the most notable one being Sicko Mode. Along with that, he ingrained viewers with a memory that they’d remember for a long time.

Astronomical Event

The event was titled ‘Astronomical’ and it was indeed a sight to behold. The entire Fortnite world turned dark and was graced by a massive animated avatar of Scott. The avatar was visible from all parts of the map and was accompanied by a giant spherical speaker, which spiced things up.

Along with that, it was a spectacle for the players as well because they were thrown into various in game dimensions, which amped up the enigma of the entire concert itself.

At any rate, something like this just shows us that people are looking for new ways to be entertained and the only barrier to what can and cannot be done is our imagination.

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