Diabotical is Epic Games' all new entry into the arena shooter genre of games

Diabotical is Epic Games' all new entry into the arena shooter genre of games

On one hand, while Epic is in a tussle with Apple over the removal of Fortnite from the App Store, they have launched Diabotical, an arena shooter, FPS, multiplayer game.

Diabotical, developed by The GD Studio, was launched earlier this week on 3rd September, 2020 on Epic store on PC.

A potent mix of Unreal Tournament and Quake style gameplay

Diabotical is a colorful, fast paced, action packed FPS game. You can travel across the map using portals, jump pads and elevators while firing off railguns, machine guns and plasma guns equivalents. The movement mechanics in itself make the game stand apart.

You can choose from over 15 game modes and an assortment of 30 maps. The game modes include Wee-Bow Instagib, a 5v5 mode where you frag your enemies in 1 hit, collect coins and use your weeball to knock them off the map.

There is also an elimination mode, Wipeout where you spawn with a full load out and try to eliminate the enemy team. Note that with each elimination in the team, the respawn time increases.

With the variety of game modes and the various maps to choose from, this game is going to keep you hooked for ages. If you are an old school gamer from the days of Quake and Unreal Tournament, then this game should be right up your alley.

Various Customizations

The game allows you to customize your eggbot. Yes, you're an eggbot and you can create your own eggbot the way you like. Other features include ranked play and leaderboards to keep things extremely competitive.

Diabotical is available for free on the Epic store.

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