A Breaking Bad themed RPG? ‘Family Man’ releases this month and promises just that!

A Breaking Bad themed RPG? ‘Family Man’ releases this month and promises just that!

If you’ve been a long time fan of the popular TV show Breaking Bad, then you know that there just isn’t anything quite like it. Fans of Breaking Bad just want more and more from the series, and what better way to get into such a world other than a video game?

Yes, folks, you read that right. A new PC game titled Family Man is coming to Steam this month and it promises a life like Walter White’s. In fact, if you just can’t wait for the game, you can now download the demo version of the game and play it for yourself.

Play the demo now!

The game by Broken Bear Games developers & No More Robots publisher will hit the Steam store on 22nd May, 2020. While the name may not ring a bell with the casual player, Breaking Bad fans have been waiting for the game for quite some time now.

However, those uninitiated with the game should note that the game doesn’t put you in the shoes of Walter White and doesn’t exactly have the same story.

The game is inspired by the TV series which is why you can expect a lot of similarities. At any rate, playing through the shoes of such a character will certainly be an experience of a kind.

Branching story lines and ambitious mechanics

The game asks you the question, “When pushed to the limits of your own mortality, how far would you go for the sake of your family?”

This is something that really signifies a sense of urgency in the player, leading them to take actions that they ordinarily wouldn’t under normal circumstances.

In this game, you play as Joe, a man who is down on luck and needs to find a way to earn money for his family. Interestingly, your decisions in the game will lead to different endings that provide the game some replayability.

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