Virtus Pro launches second CS:GO team featuring young players

Virtus Pro launches second CS:GO team featuring young players

These youngsters with their talent and passion for the game will be looking to prove a point

The CS:GO scene is going through a lot as of late with the Major being cancelled due to COVID19 and the coaching bug that rocked the CS:GO world.

On one hand, teams are disbanding as many players are switching from CS:GO to Valorant. On the other hand though, there are organizations that are building new rosters around young talents. Virtus Pro, who are currently ranked 29th in the world, have launched a second team called "VP.Prodigy"

A CS:GO team boasting young talent

Virtus Pro has built this team of young players from Russia and CIS. Virtus Pro CEO Sergey Glamazda thinks that "youngster squads" are the next big thing. He explained the move saying, "After VP.Prodigy's success in Dota 2 it became obvious that youngsters squads are the next big thing, that's why we decided to continue on this path."

Mikhail Artemyev, CS:GO branch manager chose Vladislav "⁠Flash_1⁠" Bykov as the coach for this young team and together, after evaluating thousands of demos came with this lineup that will put up a tough fight against other teams in this first-person shooter game.

"We have watched a ton of demos together and communicated with lots of players. Our main goal was to find not only skilled players, but also interesting personalities who could avoid conflicts and work together as a team. As far as I can tell, we've managed to build a perfect squad in terms of team morale and potential."

The final line-up will include-

Aleksandr "mefixs" Ilukhin

Serhii "muR" Hres

Maxim "awesome" Zyuzko

Vadym "h1glaiN" Tanasiuk

Evgeny "Norwi" Ermolin

Vladislav "flash_1" Bykov

The young and restless of CS:GO

NAVI and Gambit have similar squads of youngsters called NAVI Junior and Gambit Youngsters respectively. There are many examples of youngsters like Broky from FaZe Clan, Bymas, and Frozen from Mousesports who are competing at the highest level.

It is evident that there is a lot of scope for young talents to make it to the highest level in CS:GO and compete against the more experienced pros.

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