Valorant's new patch features a much-required Operator nerf along with other changes

Valorant's new patch features a much-required Operator nerf along with other changes

Riot finally nerfs the overpowered sniper

Valorant has exploded in the esports scene with its combination of overwatch style character based system and CS:GO like mechanics. This new style was of FPS game was not only welcomed by the gamers but also appreciated.

Since it's release on 2nd June 2020, the game has been going through a lot of changes. Developers at Riot Games are working hard to deliver a balanced, entertaining, and competitive game that can potentially dominate the esports industry. Their latest patch, Patch 1.09, brings some much required changes to the game.

Operator nerfed, Viper and Brimstone buffed

The Operator is one of the most overpowered guns in the game and players have been complaining about it since it's release. Riot has finally acknowledged their request and nerfed down the Operator.

According to the latest update patch notes, the price of the Operator has been increased from 4500 credits to 5000. Scoped movement speed has been decreased from 76% to 72%. Additionally, Weapon deadzone has been adjusted from becoming inaccurate at 30% movement speed to 15% movement speed, Firing rate is reduced from 0.75 to 0.6, Instant equip time adjusted from 0.3 to 0.5, Leg shot damage decreased from 127 >>> 120.

Agent Updates-

Among agents, Jett and Reyna have been nerfed while Brimstone and Viper receives buffs.

For Jett, the time between consecutive Burst Fire use has increased from 0.33 seconds to 0.45 seconds. Daggers thrown in Burst now have a damage falloff that begins at 12 meters and drops steadily (to 35 damage) at max falloff. Headshot multiplier on Burst Fire reduced from 3x to 2x

The fire rate bonus for Reyna has been decreased from 25% to 15% whereas from Brimstone the fire rate bonus has been increased from 10% to 15%.

Viper now starts the round at 100 fuel instead of 50 fuel. Vulnerable debuff applied from Snake Bite lingers for 2 seconds after leaving Viper's acid. Movement speed doubled while casting Viper's pit. Viper also fast equips her weapon after casting, re-equip times vary per gun—but on average will reduce her weapon downtime by .4 seconds.

Competitive updates, bug fixes and more

The update also features reduced waiting times for competitive matches. Issue where Sova’s hitbox was incorrect while using his Owl Drone was also fixed. A Bug where Custom Game preferences would be wiped after navigating away from the Custom Game lobby was also fixed. Many Social updates were also featured in the Patch. You can read the full patch notes here.

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