Valorant: Devs talk about test servers and smurfing issue in Ask Valorant #10

Valorant: Devs talk about test servers and smurfing issue in Ask Valorant #10

Ask Valorant episode 10 is here and the developers have discussed some interesting topics that include weekend challenges, in game smurfing and test servers.

Here is everything you need to know

Weekly Challenges

The goal of Weekly Challenges is to provide a bulk source of XP. The Devs are not happy with the current state as it takes a lot of effort for the players to complete these challenges and it's been difficult for the Devs to set a balance between intresting challenges and unfair play patterns.

Riot's short term outlook is to reduce the completion requirement for many weeklies in Act III and remove the worst offenders completely. So hopefully these changes, along with the extended length of Act III, many more of you will progress further and faster into the Battlepass.


The Devs have said that it's impossible to stop smurfing in game, they are willing to take action to combat it and have a behind-the-scenes system for Unrated as well as one that applies to Iron through Diamond ranked players. The latter tracks an individual’s performance and notices when a player makes a highly disproportionate impact in a game. The system then quickly boost them to harder matches and higher ranks in Competitive.

Test Servers

Riot will be creating a selectively updated pre-release environment, or PBE, some time in the first half of 2021. Specific features/queues will be advertised or limited and patches will be targeted for a certain length of time in advance of going live.

For those that are familiar with the League of Legends PBE, this will serve a similar purpose. Riot hopes to expand on what we have learned and provide an early access experience that does not drastically differ from the live version of VALORANT. This will also help us to gather more information so we can capture performance changes and expose bugs early that players might run into.

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