Tips and tricks to help you win in everyone's favourite quarantine game- Among Us

Tips and tricks to help you win in everyone's favourite quarantine game- Among Us

Popular Online multiplayer game Among Us has become so viral, that last month, it reached a player count of 1.5 million across 3 platforms- PC, iOS and Android. Since the past couple of months, Among Us is one the most streamed game on Twitch and YouTube.

Among a crew of 4-10 people, there can be one or two imposters who have to sabotage the tasks and eliminate other crew members without being discovered. Here are a few tips and tricks that might give you an advantage if you are an imposter or just a crew member.

Tips and tricks if you are the Imposter

If you're the imposter, your job is to sabotage tasks and avoid them from being completed or kill your crewmates without being discovered. If you are discovered, you will be ejected from the ship and lose the game. Here are a few tips and tricks that might give you an edge over your crewmates.


As the Imposter. you have the ability to Sabotage. Using Sabotage, you can close the gate of any area to trap your crewmates. You can also call upon emergency tasks that require the highest priority. If the timer on the emergency task runs out, you automatically win.

Note that two members are required to complete the O2 and Reactor tasks whereas only one member is required to complete the Electrical task. With this in mind, play smart and eliminate your crewmates one-by-one.

Keep an eye on the cameras

If someone is in the security room monitoring movements, the red light on the camera will start blinking. Keep an eye on these cameras as they suggest that you are quite possibly being tracked.

Once the light goes out, that means no one is watching through that camera and you can go ahead with your sabotaging and murdering.

You can use your sabotage ability here as the blinking of the camera will let you know that someone is in the security room. You can lock the door to trap your crewmate inside and get to the security room through the nearest vent to eliminate him.

Don't stay idle for too long

If you are an imposter, you can fool your crewmates by faking the tasks as only the crew members can do them. But don't keep faking for too long because most of the tasks don't take more than a few seconds and if you linger on for long, your crewmates might get suspicious or 'Sus' as they call it.

Keep in mind that the download tasks, refuelling task, and the wire fixing tasks take longer times.

Take advantage of the crowd

If all the members of the ship are somehow in the same room, crowded together, you can take advantage of this situation to eliminate one of them. The crowd will make it difficult for them to spot the imposter which will eventually lead to the voting being skipped and you can thus get away.

Kill on the right, sabotage on the left

If you as an imposter eliminate someone on the right part of the map, you can quickly use sabotage for an emergency task on the left part of the map. This way, the crewmates will hurry towards fixing the emergency tasks as they are time critical. Do the same after eliminating on the left and sabotaging on the right.

Tips and Tricks if you're just the regular crew member

As a member of the crew, you have to complete the tasks without being eliminated by the imposter. You need to keep a watchful eye on your crewmates for any suspicious activity. Remember, communication is key and you need to explain what you saw in a clear, concise manner.

Be quick

Time is something you cannot afford to lose. You need to be quick in completing your tasks. For example- In the card swipe task, insert the card and slowly swipe till its completely inside. Once in, you can quickly swipe ahead to finish the task. This way, you finish the card swipe task without having to try again.

In the Empty Garbage task, pull the level before the leaves touch the surface of the machine.

The Start Reactor task is one of the longest task in the game and also confusing. If you are having a hard time memorizing, just close the task and open it again. It will continue from you left.

The Align Engine task is a two step task where you are required to align the upper engine and then the lower engine. You can do it in a single step by bringing the knob in the centre and then tapping on it once.

The Steer Navigation task can also be completed faster by simply tapping on the radar in the centre.

Keep an eye outside

You can identify the imposter if he is faking a task. In the Empty Garbage task, you will be able to see the garbage actually being thrown out of the ship. If someone is standing near the task and you don't see any garbage being thrown out, you might want to raise an alarm.

Similarly, you can watch vents of adjacent rooms. If it opens and closes, you can expect the imposter to be there.

Make the best use of Admin Map

The Admin Map is one of the best feature in the game. Keep an eye on the admin map. Where you see two members you might start seeing one. If you spot a crew member going from one room to another, it might suggest he is the imposter. Keep an eye on the blinking. If an imposter eliminates someone, it shows on the admin map with a blink.

Tips and tricks to help you win in everyone's favourite quarantine game- Among Us
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