Team Vitality India unveils its official guild of Content Creators

Team Vitality India unveils its official guild of Content Creators

After a month of silence from Vitality, post their entry into Indian esports, the french organization has finally announced Team Vitality India's official Content Creators. The ones joining the guild are some of the most renowned gaming content creators of India:

  • Nischay 'Triggered Insaan' Malhan

  • Capt. Nitin 'Classified YT' Chougale

  • Saloni 'Mili kya Mili' Kandalgaonkar

  • Rachit 'Rachitroo' Yadav

Team Vitality India has been teasing the announcement for the past couple of days on their social media handles, giving hints to fans about who will be the first few members of Team Vitality India.

Here's a brief on the newly added members of Team Vitality India:

Triggered Insaan

Nischay Milan better known as Triggered Insaan is a based from New Delhi well known for his roast videos revolving around Bollywood. His second channel Live Insaan i.e his gaming channel is where he live streams and upload videos on games like PUBG Mobile, Minecraft and Getting Over it. Triggered Insaan has over 7.7 million subscribers.

Classified YT

Nitin Chougale a.k.a Classified YT's identity was always hidden justifying his alias. However, he finally revealed his identity for his fans in the announcement video of Team Vitality India's Official Content Creators. Hence we know nothing much about Classified YT except the fact that he was previously a Captain in the Merchant Navy. Classified YT has over 1.98 million subscribers.

Mili kya Mili

Saloni Kandalgaonkar popularly known as Mili kya Mili based from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai who streams games like PUBG Mobile , CS:GO and Valorant. Mili kya Mili has over 138 thousand subscribers.


Rachit Yadav who goes by the alias of Rachitroo based from a small city called Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh is well known for his famous for his GTA gameplay and reaction commentary videos. Rachitroo has over 2.78 million youtube subscribers.

The newly formed guild of content creators are all set to host events on their social media handles as well as on Team Vitality India’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The french organization will reveal more details about their competitive expansion soon.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Team Vitality is home to eight top-performing teams across nine games, with over 50 athletes from 13 nationalities.

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