Rumours claim that Ubisoft+ could soon be added to Xbox Game Pass

Rumours claim that Ubisoft+ could soon be added to Xbox Game Pass

"I've seen rumours about Ubisoft Uplay+ joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate."

Ubisoft+ may be the next service added to the Xbox Game pass according to a prominent journalist in the Microsoft scene. Ubisoft+ could incorporate its Ubisoft+ platform into Xbox’s own subscription service, according to his sources.

Ubisoft+ originally launched as Uplay+ on PC through Ubisoft’s Uplay game launcher, and the $14.99 subscription service currently includes all of the publisher’s latest games on day one plus their DLCs at no additional cost.

Microsoft has previously spoken about partnering with other services

Corden wrote on Twitter: “I imagine it would be a vault or smaller slice of older games, but crazier things have happened. I always thought EA Play would be an extra tier of Game Pass, but they just rolled that bad boy right in. Guess we’ll see.”

Microsoft recently also incorporated the subscription service of publisher Electronic Arts into Game Pass.

In a recent interview with Gaming Bible, Xbox marketing GM Aaron Greenberg Microsoft was “open to” more marketing partnerships and co-promotions with other subscription services, having previously offered Xbox Game Pass members six months of Spotify Premium and a 30-day Disney+ trial.

We’ve already seen a few of Ubisoft games being added to the Xbox Game Pass such as Tom Clancy’s The Division or Rainbow Six Siege more recently, but the whole Ubisoft+ catalogue coming to Xbox Game Pass sounds too good to be true.

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