Rocket League will be Free to Play on all platforms from 23rd September

Rocket League will be Free to Play on all platforms from 23rd September

A Fortnite crossover event was also announced to mark the arrival of the game on the Epic Games Store

After nearly five years of Rocket League, it's developer- Psyonix has decided to make their signature game free to play from 23rd September. The game will now be available on the Epic Games store and will be delisted from the Steam Store.

Rocket League is a vehicular sports action game and is a blend of 'Arcade Style Soccer' and 'Vehicular Mayhem'. Rocket league is growing incredibly fast as an e-sport and it's transition to free to play will increase Rocket League's exposure to greater audiences.

Fortnite X Rocket League event will bring rewards to both the games

The debut of Rocket League on Epic Store will be marked by a crossover event of Rocket League and Fortnite shortly after Rocket League's transition to FTP. The event may take place in Fortnite using the game's signature llamas, further details will be released next week.

The game will offer players a few extra rewards to celebrate the game's new home and any player who adds Rocket League to their Epic Games Library will receive a $10 bonus between September 23 to October 23- that can be redeemed while making purchases above $14.99. Players will also get two unique cosmetics added to their inventory once they launch the game.

Rocket League will be getting a new season pass, in-game challenges and competitive tournaments. The Endo and Jager starter packs will be added to the game. Psyonix has confirmed that PS plus and Nintendo Switch online subscriptions are no more required after the game goes free to play.

The update will also get cross-platform progression to the game. Players have to link their platform to Epic Games which will allow them to participate in competitive mode and progression for connected platforms.

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