Rentkar lets you rent Gaming PCs and Consoles at amazingly low prices

Rentkar lets you rent Gaming PCs and Consoles at amazingly low prices

In order to experience the latest and greatest video games, you need to have access to either a Gaming PC or a Gaming Console. But the prices at which these devices are available at, make them unaffordable for most of us, especially for young gaming enthusiasts, who are largely dependent on their parents.

Hence we make regular trips to our nearby Gaming Cafes, where we have access to high-end gaming equipment in order to experience video games of the highest quality.

However, due to the ongoing pandemic, it's almost impossible to visit these cafes due to countrywide lockdowns and strict social distancing norms.

But through Rentkar you can now just rent a Gaming PC, Laptop, or a Console at cheap and affordable prices, and enjoy video games from the comfort of your home, in the best way possible. Rentkar serves a trusted peer to peer rental platform where you can sublease your under-utilized items around the city and earn at an ease.

Gaming is Rentkar's core niche

Rentkar provides a one-stop solution for your gaming needs, from Playstation 4, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Gaming PC, AR & VR related products. One can explore from a Game Library of 500+ Games from Classic Titles like Uncharted Series to the latest Call of Duty: Cold War.

Rentkar has shortened the gap between accessibility and feasibility. Instead of a Gamer spending a hefty amount on games which sometimes exceeds the overall cost of the console, one can now rent them at nearly 1% of the price.

Due to the lockdown, we saw a 90% rise in binge gaming, gears & equipment. Almost 184 Gaming Cafes were shut for a long duration of 6 Months. Rentkar has helped people by getting them High-End PC delivered to their doorsteps starting from just 3000/month for a complete set up to support their desire to Game at the same time we helped Cafe owners to minimise their Loses.

Rentkar plans to launch with our new subscriptions plan very soon for all the gaming gears which will make renting almost half the price of EMIs very soon. One will have an option to even upgrade, by sharing their old pc and switching to a new one, or sharing their old ps4 and switching to a new PS5 under their upgrade.

One can simply place an order with us by just calling them on +917900042875 or just sending them a DM on Instagram. Rentkar's rental-tech platform is under development to bring about more accessibility to lenders and borrowers.

Rentkar is currently available in Mumbai and Pune. In 2021 they plan to expand to cities like Bangalore, Nashik, Delhi and few more cities to help everyone lend and borrow through Rentkar.

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