Red Dead Online gets new zombie game mode and Halloween Outlaw Pass

Red Dead Online gets new zombie game mode and Halloween Outlaw Pass

Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption II has just received an update for it's multiplayer aspect- Red Dead Online. Since this is an October update, it brings a slew of halloween related spooky content.

The latest update brings the Halloween Outlaw Pass and an all new game mode with Zombies, which is quite reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. So, here's what you folks need to know about the newly added content in the game.

Red Dead Online gets new pass and gamemode for Halloween

The new Outlaw Pass has 20 ranks to climb with unlockable rewards and will run through November 16th. As always, the outlaw pass consists of clothing items and other cosmetic effects. There’s a spooky knife, spooky eye bandages, and so on, all items being halloween themed.

Unlike past Outlaw Passes, the Halloween Pass is just 20 ranks, meaning you should have plenty of time to get through them before mid-November.

Keeping the spirit of the spooky festival alive, the update also brings in two new legendary animals, the Nightwalker Panther and Ghost Panther- both of which are hard to hunt down. Additionally, a few stores in the game will now feature more content.

As for the zombie mode that has been added- Dead Of Night, it will play out quite different from Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Dead Of Night is a PvPvE survival mode between four teams of players and areas full of zombified residents.

Red Dead Online's Halloween Pass can be bought for 15 gold bars, which is the game's in game currency. The pass is available now to Monday, November 16th.

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