Put a man on Mars: Mars Horizon is a space race sim game launching in November

Put a man on Mars: Mars Horizon is a space race sim game launching in November

Ever wanted to put your very own space rocket on the moon? Wanted to go over little details that go into putting ships into space? Well, with Mars Horizon, the simulation space race game, you can do exactly that.

Set to release on November 17, 2020, for PC, Xbox and PS4, the game will give you an all-round experience of a NASA like a space station, where you have to manage each aspect and make your ships reach space. Are you ready for the space race?

Take on the spaces unknown

Mars Horizon puts players in charge of a NASA-like agency at the dawn of the space age, a time when anything was possible and humanity's ambitions seemed destined to carry it to the stars. Certainly, the in-game facility will be a lot more advanced than what we have today.

The interesting aspect is the simulation side of the game. We have had quite a few simulation games, but this one is rather unique. Your ultimate goal is to manage time, science, public support, and money in order to assemble missions and ultimately become the first to put an astronaut on Mars.

Sounds a lot like what's going on in the real world if you ask us. While it isn't as complex as Kerbal Space Program, there's still plenty to do and plenty of things that can go wrong. You will have to carefully manage and divide your resources to make your space expedition successful.

Apart from just that, the game has a more comical side as well. There is quite a lot of room for shenanigans and experiments which can go wrong, but all in all, they will provide an interesting aspect to the game.

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