PUBG Mobile India pre-registrations go live on TapTap app store

PUBG Mobile India pre-registrations go live on TapTap app store

PUBG Corporation yesterday announced that the popular battle royale will be making a comeback in India after being banned for over 2 months. This news of PUBG Mobile's return in India has got gamers hyped up as their favourite game is set to make a comeback.

The exact date of launch is not yet known but the Facebook page has already gone live and pre-registration for Android and iOS have also begun on game-sharing community Tap Tap. PUBG Mobile India will have the same dynamics as the actual PUBG Mobile with a 100 player battle royale mode, payload mode, 4v4 Deathmatch, and Zombie mode as well.

No drop in popularity of PUBG Mobile

Tap Tap has already witnessed a large number of pre-registrations with over 1,05,573 users so far it is showing no signs of slowing down. This only goes to show how much in-demand PUBG Mobile still is in India.

The announcement of PUBG Mobile India comes after Krafton Inc., who is the parent company of PUBG Corporation announced their collaboration with Microsoft's cloud computing service Microsoft Azure. This move ensures that there will be no theft of data as Microsoft Azure offers the highest standards of user data security which has allowed PUBG corporation to release the game in India. To reassure that there will not be any data theft, PUBG Corporation has ensured that storage systems that hold Indian user's data will be regularly audited and verified.

Announcement of the game's launch will be made soon as PUBG Mobile India's official Instagram handle and Facebook page both showcase the 'Coming Soon' tag.

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