PUBG Mobile India not likely to launch before March 2021

PUBG Mobile India not likely to launch before March 2021

Fans have been anticipating the launch of PUBG Mobile India but it looks like they might have to wait for a long time. It is unlikely that the game will launch any time soon as The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) of India has not given permission for the launch of the game.

Last month, RTI filed a query asking MEITY if permission was granted to launch PUBG Mobile India and MEITY responded saying that "MEITY has not given any permission for launch of PUBG”. GEM Esports shared the query and MEITY's response on their official Instagram handle. The query stated-

”Dear Sir/ Mam
In the month of September, 2020, the Government of India with the consultation of your Department (MEITY) banned various Chinese apps. One of which was Pubg Mobile Game. Now, there are many news which says that the game is being relaunched and the same is made specifically for the Indian Public and will not be harmful to the nation and its citizens. I would like to know if your department has given any such permission to the game so that it can be re-launched. “

The wait for PUBG Mobile India continues

Officials close to PUBG Mobile have also stated that the game is not coming back before March 2021. According to InsideSport, the officials have said that "Efforts from PUBG were made in the right earnest, but situation is such – that there has been no headwind or progress on the matter. We don’t see the game making a comeback in India for the next few months, at least not before March 2021. It’s unfortunate but everyone has to live with it.”

It seems that concerns regarding the user data security are still looming large which is causing a delay in the launch of PUBG Mobile India. PUBG Studio has to do a better job at convincing the Indian Government and ensure them that there won't be any theft of user data and PUBG Mobile India will not pose a threat to national security.

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