PUBG Corporation and Krafton merge completely to form PUBG Studio

PUBG Corporation and Krafton merge completely to form PUBG Studio

PUBG developer PUBG Corporation and it's parent company, South Korean game developer Krafton Inc. have announced that they have fully merged together to form an independent studio called PUBG Studio. Going forward, PUBG Studio will take on the development of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Studio will focus only on the development part of the game as Krafton Inc. already has PUBG Corps. publishing and support teams within it. Krafton Inc. also announced that two its subsidiary studios PNIX INC and Delusion Studio Inc. have merged together to form RisingWings Inc. Krafton Inc. now has four independent studios under its belt- PUBG Studio, RisingWings Inc, Striking Distance Studios, and Bluehole Studio.

PUBG Mobile India might be closer than you think

New content can be expected to be added to PUBG Mobile as PUBG Studio will be responsible for the development of the popular battle royale. This merger can solidify PUBG Mobile's launch in India as PUBG Mobile India which is expected to be launched soon.

PUBG Mobile India will be customized in a way that suits and appeals to the Indian audience. The security reasons due to which PUBG Mobile was banned in India are also eliminated after Krafton Inc. announced collaboration with Microsoft Azure, which is Microsoft's cloud computing platform which offers the highest standards of security when it comes to user data.

Striking Distance Studios which is a AAA development studio is currently working on developing an original narrative experience in the PUBG Universe and PUBG Studio “will continue to seek ways to develop and expand the PUBG IP in various fields, including its esports and entertainment business.”

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