Velocity Gaming are the TEC Valorant Challenger Series 2 Champions

Velocity Gaming are the TEC Valorant Challenger Series 2 Champions

Knock Knock. Who's There? VLT here

Back in August, The Esports Club had announced the TEC Valorant Challenger Series. The tournament is divided into 5 series and offers a hefty prize pool of 7,50,000 which will be divided equally amongst the 5 series.

India's best Valorant team- Velocity Gaming wins the 2nd series of The Esports Club Challenger Series 2 in a tough 3-2 faceoff against Global esports who are another noteworthy team, in the grand finals where Velocity took home the prize money of 85,000.

Global Esports has done the unthinkable, ending VLT’s unbeaten run in Valorant by inflicting a 2-0 defeat to their rivals in the Upper Bracket finals. Velocity Gaming made an amazing comeback in the Grand finals but perhaps this wasn't like their usual one sided affair and this shows that the gap between Velocity Gaming and other professional teams in India is closing.

Velocity Gaming will be on a much needed 2-week player break

After winning tournaments back to back since the launch of the game in June, the org has decided to let the players take a much-needed break of 2 weeks and won't be participating in any tournaments.

In a conversation with the CEO of Velocity Gaming Manoj 'Sentinel' Kasyap, he told us, "My team has shown me what champions are made of, just 24hrs ago we were beaten for the first time in a 15 weeks. 24hrs later 8 maps and 9 hours of non stop gameplay we prove to the world that we are still the undefeated champions! Super happy with this effort and mindset if my team and proud leader of VLT."

Velocity Gaming and Global Esports put up notable performances and it will be fun to see both the teams face off against each other in future tournaments

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