Valorant's upcoming Run It Back Skin Bundle leaked online

Valorant's upcoming Run It Back Skin Bundle leaked online

New Leaks about an upcoming Episode 2 skin bundle in Valorant have been dropped by popular Valorant leaker on Twitter- Valorant Leaks.

According to popular Valorant data leaker: Valorant Leaks, a new skin bundle named Run it Back is on it's way to the game and will supposedly be here with the arrival of Episode 2.

Run It Back Bundle will pack a variety of Skins

This is for the first time a skin collection in Valorant will be based off of various skins from other collections in the game, as the bundle will feature some of the most sought after skins from the previously launched skin bundles.

According to the creative leaked the bundle may include the likes of the following skins:

  • Oni Phantom from The Oni Collection

  • Spline Operator from The Spline Collection

  • Prime Specter from The Prime Collection

  • Sovereign Ghost from The Sovereign Collection

  • Nebula Ares from The Nebula Collection

The bundle is named after Phoenix's Ult which is also named Run it Back and this is justified by the fact that the skin bundle is reviving old skins and the ultimate revives Phoenix.

Run It Back Skin Bundle Price and Release Date

The upcoming Run It Back skin bundle in Valorant which will feature some old skins of the game may drop with the launch of Episode 2 on January 2021.

Valorant's upcoming January Update: Patch 2.0, 2021's first Valorant update is set to bring with it a new agent and a fleet of buffs and nerfs to agents and weapons. The upcoming patch will usher players in the next phase of Valorant- Episode 2 Act 1 where storylines are likely to evolve.

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