Valorant's newest agent Skye is now the game's most powerful healer

Valorant's newest agent Skye is now the game's most powerful healer

The newest agent Skye is friends with Sage

Yesterday, Riot games reveals Skye- Valorant's newest agent, after posting a trailer on the game's Twitter and Youtube Channel. Skye is an initiator class agent hailing from Australia who packs abilities somewhat similar to that of Breach and Sova.

The cinematic begins with Skye searching through a forest while communicating with Sage. Sage warns Skye of a pending danger that not only threatens her homeland but the rest of the world. Skye then tells sage “I’m in,” as she agrees to join the fray. We’re then shown a sizzle of Skye’s gameplay.

Addition of Skye will make her the 13th agent of the game. The launch will be delayed to 27th October as it gives Riot a two-week window to fix the upcoming issues with Icebox- Valorant's new addition to the game's map pool.

A glimpse at Skye's abilities

Skye's C ability is called Regrowth where she equips a healing trinket that heals allies in range and in line of sight. It can be reused until her healing pool is depleted. The only drawback here is that Skye cannot heal herself.

The Q ability Skye packs is called the Trailblazer where she equips a Tasmanian Tiger trinket when used skye takes control of a predator which is similar to sova's drone as it hunts for enemies and when in control press the fire button for the predator to leap exploding in a concussive blast and damaging directly hit enemies.

The E-ability Skye packs is called the Guiding Light where she equips a hawk trinket when used it goes forward and the direction of your crosshair can be changed by holding fire button. It can be re used while the hawk is in flight to transform it into a flash.

Skye's Ulitmate ability is called the Seekers where she equips a seeker trinket and when used fires out three Seekers to track down the three closest enemies. If seekers reach their target, it near sights them.

The addition of Skye in the game will bring a completely new meta and the usage of Sage may be reduced as Skye's healing ability is way better than that of Sage as Skye.

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