Valorant's latest patch 1.14 buffs Sage and brings in an Icebox rework

Valorant's latest patch 1.14 buffs Sage and brings in an Icebox rework

Riot has released Valorant patch 1.14 which brings with it a Sage buff, an Icebox rework, a new festive Snowball Fight mode, and a solution to reduce smurfing in the game. This patch has less focus on agents compared to the previous ones.

If you're wondering what happened to patch 1.13, Riot has decided to skip 1.13 altogether due and proceed straight towards Patch 1.14 as they used 1.13 to roll out some unreal upgrades to Killjoy's Turret.

Since Riot rolls out a new patch for Valorant every two weeks this will likely be the last update of 2020.

Here's a quick overview of Valorant patch 1.14

Sage Buff

  • Barrier Orb can’t be cast in Buy Phase- Although this was a change brought in to avoid an exploit with Omen, the devs believe that the change creates cohesion across what can and can’t be cast in buy phase.

  • Once fortified, Barrier no longer loses health over time—Barrier only starts to deteriorate a few seconds before it expires- The devs were happy with how the fortified barrier has been playing but wanted to make some changes to prevent the mitigation of the fortifying counterplay while rewarding Sage players that successfully fortify their walls.

Icebox Rework

Icebox is the newest addition to Valorant's arsenal of maps and was added to the game with the arrival of Act III on October 13. The changes to Icebox in this update are centered around simplifying the A Site and reducing the height of some of the most vertical areas on the map.

Reduced the height of the A Belt area and connected it via a ramp to the platform below.

  • This puts the upper A Belt area more in line with the rest of the verticality in the site.

  • Acquiring targets up top also requires less vertical movement of the crosshair.

Added a see-through gate here that can’t be passed from the ground level

  • Pathing should hopefully be more predictable from attackers approaching the site and defenders retaking the site

Sloped the wall (first image) and replaced the double stack of Radianite crates in the site with a smaller object (second image)

  • This should allow attackers to approach the site more safely, and a quicker retake of the site for defenders

Reduced the height of the yellow container.

  • This allows the top of the container to be fully cleared from several angles as well as reduces the amount of crosshair displacement required when aiming at targets on top of the container

Snowball fight mode

To celebrate Valorant's first holiday season Riot has decided to add a limited Snowball Fight mode. The limited mode goes live on Dec.15 and will last for two weeks, on Dec. 29. Play a match of Snowball Fight and you’ll also nab a themed Gun Buddy, delivered at a later date. Following are the details of the limited Snowball Fight mode:

  • 5v5: Team Deathmatch

    • The first team to 50 kills wins

    • Respawns are enabled, so get back in there

  • The snowball launcher is your weapon of choice

    • Killjoy has rigged a custom version of Brimstone’s molotov launcher

    • Projectile based snowballs have travel time and an arc (make sure to lead that shot!)

    • Infinite snowballs—don’t stop shooting!

  • The gift that keeps on giving: Power ups!

    • Gifts spawn around the map, sometimes a portal appears and gifts come pouring out

    • Each gift contains a power up when opened (shoot to open)

    • You can only have one of each power up at a time, so make sure to share with your teammates

    • If you die, you drop your power ups and someone else can snag them

  • Gift types

    • Rapid Fire: fire even faster

    • Growball: grows over time while traveling in the air

    • Ricochet: for all those snowball trick shots off the ground and walls

    • Skates: skate around quickly and in style. Jump higher!

  • Maps

    • Week 1: Check out the festivities on the newly updated holiday version of Icebox (Snowball Fight only!)

    • Week 2: Snowball Fight can be played on all current maps

  • Progression

    • Get 750 XP for each game completed, and 150 bonus XP for a win

    • Snowball mode does not progress missions

Social Updates

In Ask Valorant #10, the devs spoke about smurfing issues and it looks like they have come up with a solution that will not eliminate smurfing but will definitely reduce the number.

  • Requirements to unlock Competitive play have been changed from Play 20 Unrated matches >>> Win 10 Unrated matches

    • We hope this will lower the amount of AFKs and INTing we see in unrated games caused by players rushing to unlock ranked mode.

  • A text field has been added to the Report Player menu so that players can now provide more information on their reason for reporting, if they choose to

  • Players can now add friends in-game via the player list in the escape menu

    • Add teammates and opposing players to your friends list to play with again in the future if you enjoyed their company!

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