Valorant: Top 3 Agent picks for Icebox

Valorant: Top 3 Agent picks for Icebox

Icebox is a pretty standard map compared to the others in Valorant. It features two bomb sites, one on either side of the map, and the standard three-lane set up that most FPS maps use. However, the verticality and intricate angles of Icebox make this map a little tricky to play on. This means that some agents are more optimal picks than others.

Here are the top 3 optimal agent picks to dominate on the new map- Icebox.


Icebox has some pretty hard to reach spots and it makes sense to choose Jett as her Updraft and Tailwind abilities that let her reach some unexpected high ground angles on the map from and just like any shooter, having the high ground on your opponent is always a plus.

When attacking mid, Jett players can quickly Tailwind as soon as the round starts and position themselves on top of Tube.


Just like Jett, Omen can reach some high ground spots using shrouded step. But the only downfall being that you cannot avoid the fall damage if you don't have another shrouded step.

When playing defender, Omen players can teleport on top of the double crates and get a view of B main and you can pop some heads using the high ground advantage.

You can also perform the same Jett trick while attacking mid and teleporting on top of Tube.


Breach has become an optimal option after the recent buff in Valorant Patch 1.07 giving him an extra flash which lets you clear corners easily. His ultimate now detonates faster and moves quicker, making it harder to dodge.

Breach is the most optimal agent for defending B site. For attackers to get on to B, they need to pass through a tight choke point with two short lanes and it makes it easy for breach to flash and concuss enemies. Breach players can follow a similar tactic for attacking A.

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