Valorant TDM game mode files leaked; expect more modes in final release

Valorant TDM game mode files leaked; expect more modes in final release

Ever since the closed beta of Valorant, Riot Game’s new FPS title came out, it has made quite some waves. People are loving this new competition to Counter Strike Global Offensive and eagle eyed fans are digging in to find all the information about the game they can.

Hidden files reveal TDM mode

One particular user dug into the game files and found something that fans had been asking for a long time. By the time the game comes out, we can expect there to be a Team Death Match mode.

Within the game files, the user found hidden files hinting at a possible TDM game mode among other things. While ranked mode has already come into play in the Closed beta stage of the game, this is likely because of the mounting pressure from fans.

The perfect practise ground

However you can expect to see the TDM game mode at least in the open beta of the game. While no official dates for the release of this new mode has been made public yet, we can hope to hear from Riot soon about the news of team deathmatch.

For a game with familiar but new mechanics such as Valorant, having a TDM mode is actually something that will help the player base.

Players will be able to get a hang of game and weapon mechanics before they jump into ranked mode. Additionally, it is also great for those players looking for a casual experience.

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