Valorant reveals new Sci-fi themed skin bundle called Ion

Valorant reveals new Sci-fi themed skin bundle called Ion

Humanity's Last Hope

Riot has revealed a new Sci-Fi themed skin bundle for Valorant: Ion. Ion is a futuristic themed skin bundle that follows a silver-blue color scheme.

Riot describes the new line of skins as having been ‘forged at the edge of darkness’ and being ‘revered for its power’, noting that ‘humanity’s last hope is in your hands.’ This certainly points towards an alien invasion and the colour scheme certainly gives off a futuristic vibe.

“Ion was meant to be a very classic far-future sci-fi skin line with its clean white plastic exterior, high-end glass, blue glowing orb, and laser sounds,” Valorant’s art lead Sean Marino said. “It’s a bright, hopeful sci-fi—rather than a post-apocalyptic, gritty one—and thus is both aesthetically-pleasing and technologically advanced.”

Price and Release Date of the Ion skin bundle

Players can pick up an Ion skin for the Bucky, Sheriff, Phantom, and Operator for 1,775 VP. There’s also a melee weapon that is available for purchase for 3,550 VP. You can get it for free if you buy the weapon bundle for 7,100 VP. The bundle also includes a new Ion gun buddy and an Ion player card.

Following the exit of Reaver skins the Ion skin bundle will go live in the store on November 11.

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