Valorant Patch Notes 2.0 released: Classic nerf, Brimstone & Omen changes and more

Valorant Patch Notes 2.0 released: Classic nerf, Brimstone & Omen changes and more

2021's first Valorant Patch

Valorant Patch 2.0, 2021's first Valorant update has finally released, bringing with it a new agent, a fleet of buffs and nerfs and an easier to understand competitive system.

The new patch also introduces players to Valorant's Patch nomenclature, as Episode 1 saw the 1.0 patches while Episode 2 will see the 2.0 patches.

This patch aims at tweaking controller agents and Omen is set to receive a nerf to his flash and smoke ability. On the other hand, our very own captain- Brimstone will be given a buff to all his abilities except his ultimate. The Classic's Alt-Fire- infamous for popping heads, will be nerfed.

Here's a quick overview of Valorant Patch 2.0.



With a new season comes a new Agent: Yoru: The Japanese Duelist. Stealth and deception is his forte, to navigate around enemy teams and set up unexpected peeking angles. You can check out Yoru's abilities here.


With Patch 2.0 the devs differentiate the strengths of Valorant's Controllers class of Agents- Omen and Brimstone. These two have been in competition since the beta and usually, only one of them is considered viable. By giving each more clear strengths, the devs hope to make both Agents strong in different situations.


Stim Beacon

  • Will now quick cast (no equip time)


  • Cost reduced: $300 >>> $200

Sky Smokes

  • Cast range increased: 4200 >>> 5000

  • Smoke duration increased:14.25 >>> 19.25


  • Brimstone no longer makes a sound that enemies can hear when confirming the location of his smokes



  • Cost increased from 200 >>> 400

Dark Cover

  • Travel speed decreased from 4000 >>> 2800



The Classic is proving to be a master-of-none choice in pistol rounds, with the exception of jump right-clicks and spamming right-clicks. The spread changes aim to pull the effective range of the jump bursts and the firing error/recovery aim to put some more finesse into how effective you can be while spamming it out. Input queue will help shots between bursts come out more smoothly.

  • Jumping error increased: .4 >>> 1.0

  • Increased input queue on right-click: 0.065 >>> .225

  • Firing consecutively now jumps in error, starting at 1.9 for the first burst, 2.5 for the second, and then the third/fourth burst will be at a 6.0

  • Right-click now has a recovery curve starting at .1s


We will be doing a separate article to explain the following changes to the competitive system:

  • New Competitive regional leaderboards (Jan. 12)

  • Rank system updated, including rank progress bar, numerical progress, and further distribution changes to make it easier to climb out of the lower ranks

  • Immortal and Radiant ranks are now capped at a premade size of two

  • New ranked rewards for Episode 1 (pair of Gun Buddies based on your highest Act Rank achieved during Episode 1)


  • The “Add Friend” button has been removed from the in-game player list


A patch is always incomplete without bug fixes. This patch will fix most of the bugs exploits players have been experiencing with Omen.

  • Fixed an issue where Omen could sometimes teleport past the buy phase barriers

  • Fixed an issue where Omen could plant the Spike while elevated on a Sage wall

  • Fixed an issue where players on the opposing team could be seen on the minimap long after leaving line of sight

  • Fixed an issue where the desktop resolution was not restored after alt-tabbing from the game when playing in fullscreen mode, at lower-than-native resolution. Thank you to player fl0m for bringing this to our attention!

  • Fixed an issue introduced in the 1.14 patch that incorrectly calculated client ping by including client frametime in the calculation

We just hope that there are no major bug outbreaks that may force Riot to roll back the patch like in previous updates. A lot of changes have been made to the game as we jump into Episode 2 but the 'Valorant' experience for which the game is most loved for still remains the same.

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