Valorant patch 2.0 set to drop on January 12th

Valorant patch 2.0 set to drop on January 12th

Valorant Episode 2 trailer released

Valorant's January update: Patch 2.0 will usher players in the next phase of Valorant- Episode 2 Act 1 where storylines are likely to eveolve. This patch will bring with it a new battle pass and also the game's newest and 14th agent: Yoru. The agent details and battle pass were leaked a few days ahead of the patch by Twitter user Haci, in an attempt to outmanoeuvre the devs once again.

Riot has just announced that Valorant patch 2.0 will release on January 12th alongside which Riot has also released the new episode that will come with the patch: Episode 2 which likely revolves around the new agent Yoru and is named: "Retake"

Valorant Episode 2 Trailer

The cinematic trailer is based in Icebox where Yoru and Phoneix are fighting against Cypher, Viper and Jett. The fight depicts Yoru and Phoenix trying to "Retake" a site where the spike has been planted, which justifies the name of the Episode: "Retake". The cinematic trailer also gives a glimpse at all of Yoru's Abilities.

The announcement reads: "Reclaim what's yours as Yoru, climb the updated Battlepass, and more when Episode 2 drops on January 12."

Major meta changes coming our way

The description of the cinematic trailer released on Valorant's official Youtube handle, reads: "The game has changed." Which may signify the huge meta changes coming our way.

The meta change can be justified by the fact that there is a new agent arriving to the game alongside updates to agents like a Brimstone buff which has been confirmed by the devs. However, we still are not aware of the other changes and it looks like Patch 1.15 is going to be massive.

We will be sure to do a detailed overview of Patch 2.0 once it goes live until then stay tuned.

Valorant patch 2.0 set to drop on January 12th
Teasers from Riot authenticate Yoru as Valorant's 14th Agent

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