Valorant Patch 1.15: Players can expect Brimstone buffs

Valorant Patch 1.15: Players can expect Brimstone buffs

Is Brimstone boring cause he's old?

Brimstone is an unpopular choice amongst professional as well as casual Valorant players and is one of the least picked agents of the game. The North America region saw a 0 percent pick rate in Brimstone.

This is most likely due to the ongoing Omen meta. Omen packs a powerful kit of abilities making himself a better alternative. Brimstone is a smoker, but Omen's kit just makes him a more viable smoker.

Many in the community have been asking Riot Games to do something about Brimstone and the devs have decided to give him a buff in order to get him in line with other agents.

Players plea for tweaks to Brimstone

A Valorant player took it to Reddit to explain how Omen is dominating the meta and how Brimstone's smokes are less effective. Brimstone's smokes take a long time to deploy and they do not regenerate over time. Brimstone's current ability is bland when compared to Omen, as a result of which many avoid selecting Brimstone in matches.

In order to fix this the player calling out to Riot has given a few suggestions on the same. The player suggested giving Brimstone a faster pullout time when activating his smokes and increasing their range. He also suggested allowing players to pick certain spots before a round starts that will automatically be smoked when the ability is activated.

This will allow Brimstone players to take lesser time in order to execute line up smokes.

Riot's response

In response to this Riot developer Altombre has replied by saying that they are aware of the problem and what is causing it, hence confirming that Brimstone buffs are “coming very soon.”

However, Altambre has not mentioned about how Brimstone will be buffed or in which patch the buffs will be arriving. It is most likely that they will arrive with the upcoming patch which is scheduled to drop on 12th January 2020.

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