Valorant Patch 1.08 is now live- Here is all you need to know

Valorant Patch 1.08 is now live- Here is all you need to know

You won't receive any collateral damage from an ally Raze's Blast Pack anymore

In the last Valorant Patch, we saw some major changes to many agents like Sage, Breach and Viper- and weapons like the Vandal and all the Shotguns. These changes have settled in pretty well and the meta has become pretty stable.

The Valorant 1.08 patch is a little light and does not have any major agent changes except for Raze's Blast Pack. The new patch's main focus is to ensure that players have a lower chance of getting the same map twice. The patch also brings in a buff to the Guardian.

Raze Blast Pack

In order to increase counterplay against Raze's Blast pack the change should help make it very clear when Blast Pack’s damage poses a threat while maintaining the utility aspects of the Blast Pack that players have begun to master. The following are the changes made:

  • Initial damage reduced to 15 with a .2 meter inner radius, falling off to 5 minimum damage

  • Once the satchel lands, it arms after .5 seconds, increasing it’s max damage to 50

  • Shooting the blast pack causes it to detonate, dealing its current damage amount

  • Satchel no longer does damage to allies

Guardian Buff

In order to make Guardian a good choice as a weapon at the new price and serve as a competitive purchase in certain economic situations and map situations. The following are the changes made:

  • Price reduced from 2500 to 2400

  • Improved Rate of fire from 4.75 to 5.25 RPS (rounds per second)

  • Improved weapon recovery from .35 after 3 bullets to .2925 after 3 bullets

Map Rotation Changes

Due to the map pool system being random, players sometimes had to play the same map multiple times. In order to fix that the map pool system is now pseudo random which reduces the chance of getting the same map twice.

  • Matchmaking queue for all modes has been updated to measure all your recently played maps, throughout all modes, so that for any given queue you:

  • Have a better chance of playing on a map you haven’t played recently

  • Are much less likely to play on the same map several games in a row

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