Valorant Mumbai servers go live in India

Valorant Mumbai servers go live in India

Bahrain servers also went live at the same time

Valorant Mumbai servers have gone live for India and other South Asian countries. These servers are located in a data centre in Mumbai and will be a part of the South East Asia (SEA) shard. Bahrain servers also went live at the same time and will be a part of the Middle East shard.

Riot had begun testing for Indian servers when the middle east and north African servers went live, where a few servers were spotted running by 100s of players. Riot claimed that this was done in order to test the infrastructure. After that there was a radio silence from Riot about the Indian servers.

The announcement was made yesterday, at midnight through a post on the official twitter and facebook handles of Valorant India/South Asia. Along with the announcement, Riot also apologized to the Indian players for the radio silence and delay in the launch, along with details on the server routing of players from various countries. Here is everything you need to know.

If a player queues from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives, the player will be routed to Mumbai servers automatically. For the players in Pakistan, they will be routed to Bahrain servers as Bahrain is closer to Pakistan compared to Mumbai and will provide the best ping experience possible.

To avoid confusion, Riot has clearly mentioned that there will be no requirement to transfer IDs or make a new one to play on the new servers. The system will automatically route you to the best server depending on your location. All of your in-game progress will remain intact.

The Valorant community in India is completely hyped and are celebrating, as they have been waiting for this moment since a long time. The introduction of Mumbai servers is set to boost the esports ecosystem in the Indian sub-continent.

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